10 Good Reasons To Join Zinneken’s


1. Be your own boss

Interested in taking your destiny in your own hands? A good management is essential to the success of your store (HR, time management, finance)


2. You’ve never baked a waffle in your life? No worries: at Zinneken’s, everything can be taught

No need to be the best baker or have experience in the restaurant business. Your personality and motivation is what matters. Before the opening, you will receive a complete training. At your opening, we will be there for you and stay with you until you’re able to manage all aspects of this new venture by yourself.


3. The brand

Building a reputation, introducing a new product to a new market, and attracting customers require considerable human and financial efforts. By choosing Zinneken’s, you will profit from our reputation for delivering high quality product. Our waffles are the best when it comes to texture, taste, and aroma.


4. Focus on the operational, we’ll do the rest

Franchising is a team work. While you’re managing your point-of-sale, we’ll be relentlessly innovating our concept and anticipating the customers needs.


5. You’ll never be alone

The loneliness of the entrepreneur does not exist at Zinneken’s. Once your store open, you can count on a personalized support by a district manager who will guide you in good and bad times.


6. Win-win for you and your customers

Make a good living and fast, it’s possible at Zinneken’s. We make sure to optimize your start-up costs so that you’re starting to turn a profit as soon as possible. We make sure to control the costs of the raw material so that the Zinneken’s waffle become an affordable snack.


7. You pay less than the other franchisees of the sector

One of the most competitive royalty structures on the market.


8. Zinneken’s is moving forward

At Zinneken’s, we have hundred of new products and ideas waiting to be launched. We aim to become the only reference when it comes to authentic Belgian waffles. We have learned how to adapt and we’ll share our savoir-faire with you


9. Are you are risk-averse? We are too !

Distributing hundred of waffles a day is a great responsibility. Everyday, we work hard to reinforce our leadership position of authentic Belgian waffles provider. Quality, from the product to the equipment, is our priority number 1 at Zinneken’s. We organize very strict audits at your store to make sure that your store meets all sanitary requirements.


10. You’ve got a dream retail location?

Are you the owner or have found a great location? Contact us and we will evaluate your project. We will also make sure to maximize the efficiency of your future operations by designing your store layout.