authentic belgian waffles

gourmandThe Belgian waffle does not exist

(there are several types of Belgian waffles such as the Liege waffle, the Brussels waffles, the butter waffles, the fruit waffles, the heart shaped waffle) Zinneken’s specialize in the two most popular waffles in Belgium:


Liège waffle: SOFT N CHEWY
This is not the waffle sold in most restaurants in America today. Our sweet Liege waffle is made from dense dough encrusted with Belgian pearls of sugar. When baked in the waffle irons the dough cooks and the pearls caramelize.This results in a rich, sweet, indulgent waffle. Truly sinful! This waffle is usually sold by street vendors in the street of Brussels and eaten plain.


Made from a delicate batter, the Brussels waffle is light and crispy on the outside with a soft inside. Introduced for the first time in the USA at the 1964 World Fair, it’s now back at Zinneken’s in its authentic and original form. Our waffles are baked right in front of you and then topped with your choice of our delectable toppings offerings.


C’est du Belge ! (it’s Belgian)
The owners are Belgian, the recipe is Belgian, the sugar is Belgian, the waffle iron is Belgian, even the fork used for waffle extraction is Belgian. You will not find a more Belgian waffle outside of Europe!

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