Our Legacy

Hi! We are the Zinneken’s and we bake the best waffles outside Belgium!


Our signature waffle, the Belgian Sugar waffle (aka Liège waffle) is not the waffle sold in most restaurants in America today. Ours is made from a dense dough encrusted with imported pearl sugar from Belgium. When baked in the waffle irons, the dough cooks and the pearls caramelize. This results in a rich, sweet, indulgent waffle.


We use the finest ingredient imported from Europe to make the most authentic Belgian waffle outside Belgium.  Our dough is handcrafted in order to ensure the exclusivity of its texture.


To ensure freshness, the waffles are baked right in front of you and then topped with your choice of our delectable topping offerings. From fresh berries to imported Belgian chocolate and Speculoos, everything is high quality and delicious!


The Name

Like our waffles, the name of our shop is authentically Belgian. The name originates from that of the Zenne River, a river running through the center of Brussels. People of the city began calling the mongrel dogs inhabiting the land near the river “zinneke”. Eventually, the name evolved from a term referring to a mixed breed dog to a symbol of the mixed Dutch and French roots of the people of Brussels. Our name, Zinneken’s also pays tribute to the multiculturalism of this Belgian city.


A Bit of History

 The waffle’s namesake a result of the town in which it was invented, the first Liege waffle was created in the 1700s by the chef of the prince-bishop of Liege, Belgium as an adaptation of brioche. As the waffle popularized throughout Belgium, so did the practice of street vendors selling them as a take-away product. In Belgium today, these waffles are still most commonly sold plain and warm on the street.

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